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Many people are familiar with how convenient masks can be. They help you get sweet every October 31st, make a trendy outfit for celebrations, terrify people at haunted residences, the checklist goes on. But some CAD-CUT ® heat transfer plastic users might not know with a mask’s duty throughout heat printing.

Generally scheduled for print/cut applications, masking permits you to prepare positive-cut styles for warmth application. Normally when you reduced CAD-CUT ® materials, you’re reducing an opposite, or mirror image– the product provider gets on the “front” of the layout while the adhesive gets on the back. All you have to do is turn the layout over, align it, and also warm press it, after that peel off the carrier.

Printed warmth transfer vinyl is published as well as cut in the positive– the product’s adhesive gets on the very same side as the provider. In order to align as well as press the style, you have to use a mask to the front, then peel off the material’s provider off of the back.

This action is required for new CAD-CUT ® Patterns warm transfer plastic. Patterns material is published in the favorable and also ought to be reduced in the positive. After reducing, weed your design, then apply Patterns mask. This clear mask permits you to see the design you simply reduced as well as maintains the design aspects pre-aligned. Once you eliminate the material’s provider, you prepare to straighten it on your garment as well as heat press.

Below are some ideas as well as reminders for those brand-new to concealing, so you can keep your CAD-CUT ® Patterns designs looking wonderful:

Accent-chu-ate the Favorable– When loading Patterns material into your plastic cutter, ensure the patterned side is encountering up which you are cutting your style in the positive.

Patterns Mask is offered in the wizard when you buy your patterned warm transfer plastic. If you need any type of mask later, or fail to remember to buy it, you can likewise order it on the Patterns Mask web page on our website.

Don’t discard your mask after using it– Patterns Mask can be recycled as long as it retains sufficient tack to lift your design.

If you’re cutting a lot of styles, you may intend to use a squeegee tool to smooth and also squash the mask on your layout. These devices can be bought on our Rhinestone Accessories web page.

Keep the paper lining from your mask roll to put previously owned mask back on for storage space and future reuse.

Remember, while the majority of masks conceal what’s behind them, warm transfer mask will certainly keep your patterned layouts looking just as good as feasible.

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