exactly how to gown for a conf-call?

Posted by Aloïs Guinut on Thursday, March 26, 2020 · 10 Comments 

The lockdown did cut our social life into halves. We speak without touching as well as see only the upper part of our fellow humans.

As we get to put 50% of our being out there, why not make the best of it. We do not have much to do anyways (well that’s if you do not have kids).

I share my quick repair to half gown professionally in order to make a memorable perception on screen.

Not right here to judge your sweat pants however make sure you wear some. The moment you stand up to pick up something may come.

Here are my ideas to begin your provider as an anchorwoman.

I/ Wear a top that’s fascinating per se

1/ With a lovely print


2/ A memorable detail

Such as a pussy bow

3/ A different neckline

4/ A collar popping 

White collars always look put together.

Eighties inspo

II/ add jewels

1/ Necklaces

2/ Earrings

Along with a huge collar screaming for attention

3/ Bracelets as well as rings

They’ll be noticed when you hand gesture however make sure they’re not speaking too. There no be seen not heard.

III/ put some lipstick on.

While fundation as well as mascara barely get noticed with screen, lipstick won’t be missed.

Oh, as well as one las smart advise. Wait up until the call is over to utilize the bathroom.

And you? exactly how do you gown for conf call? 

Virus free bisous

PS: I as well work with screen! get in touch with me for a distance styling session to make the best of your closet while in lockdown. Email alois@dresslikeaparisian. com for a free very first call.

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