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Rupturing with sensational elements yet based in realistic look, the 2021 initial anime series Wonder Egg Top priority uses a mentally intense tale that’s a fresh take on the mahou shoujo category. Including 4 14-year-olds tossed right into video clip game-like desire globes where they have to fight demons for an opportunity to “resurrect” their dead liked ones, the collection juggles explosive drama with meditative moments. Assisted by 2 shadowy numbers, Acca and also Uraacca, the 4 “egg ladies” are usually forced to challenge their injury as they battle enemies. It’s not all darkness and scary however, as indicated by the heroines’ intense as well as snazzy attire. From sweatshirts in mood-boosting shades to bombing plane coats oozing attitude, Wonder Egg Priority provides look after appearance that’s instantly legendary yet very wearable.

Keep reading for style inspo right from the Egg World!

Ai Ohto– Dessert, Comfy Casuals

Wide-eyed innocent or warrior? You’re never ever quite certain with not likely heroine Ai Ohto, a social outcast because of her in a different way tinted eyes. Silent, introspective but with a remarkably brave core, this high schooler introduced headlong right into the high-stakes globe of the Wonder Eggs after her buddy Koito Nagase’s terrible passing away. With her signature sunflower-motif hoodie, candy-colored breeze clip as well as chunky sneakers, Ai reduces a not likely number versus the carnage of the Egg World. Cheery and also optimistic even as the narrative takes a heavy turn, her design is a reminder that there are constantly positive sides throughout hard times.

Inspired by Ai’s trademark appearance, I put together an outfit that radiates kidult power as well as kawaii feelings while being comfy sufficient for quick grocery store runs. In a slight deviation from the personality’s yellow sweatshirt as well as denim shorts, I picked a slouchy sweatshirt referencing the color of Ai’s hair, and a pleated denim mini in functional black. Chunky tennis shoes with yellow accents, a black container hat and a yellow alligator clip offer the look additional edge, while a cute canvas crossbody bag is just the ticket for tucking away everything from books to Wonder Eggs.

Rika Kawai– High-Octane Street Design

Packed with queen energy however likewise warm-hearted and also righteous, previous teenager idolizer Rika Kawai frequently surprises by revealing a prone core underneath her blowing. The polar contrary to reflective Ai and the foil to Neiru Aonuma’s streamlined preservation, Rika is constantly all set for battle, whether it’s with Marvel Killers or Seeno Evils. Her abundant personality extends to her wardrobe, which combines a sexy bombing plane jacket in red with a black tee and also fitted pants. This look is completely matched by pink touches in her blonde hair!

For Rika, I went all out and constructed an outfit that mixes girly sass with punkish touches, largely in a palette of black, pink as well as red. This bombing plane jacket emblazoned with strong needlework sets completely with a bodice top and high-waist jeans, particularly when the bottoms are accented by a black buckled belt. Black canvas sneakers including stands out of pink complete the set, together with an artificial leather collar decorated with hefty metal, accessories that nod to Rika’s fun-loving, activity lady identity.

Momoe Sawaki– Preppy with a Hint of Androgyny.

Externally, Momoe Sawaki’s design is all about cool androgyny. When we’re initial introduced to this personality, she’s continually in her preppy uniform of a slouchy sweatshirt, button-up, slacks and a crossbody bag. As the collection advances as well as Momoe embraces her womanly identity, femme elements start turning up in her wardrobe, from the swishy shape of her college attire to a floaty, date-worthy midi wear seafoam green. Diverting from sleek and preppy to unabashedly girly, Momoe’s style evolution is evidence that the most effective attire are the ones we feel most comfy in.

This attire reimagines Momoe’s signature preppy search in a more womanly instructions while preserving its palette of blue, white as well as brownish. The slouchy weaved vest nods to her extra-large, varsity-style coat, yet I have actually combined it with a candy striped shirt featuring flared cuffs and form-fitting corduroy pants to produce an extra streamlined shape. Brown fake natural leather boots and a matching synthetic natural leather satchel add touches of downplayed luxe, while a fragile pendant with a heart-shaped pendant hints at Momoe’s internal fire. The result is a look that radiates collegiate cool without giving up femme feelings.

Neiru Aonuma– Minimalist Lolita Chic.

Increasingly smart and also cool as ice, Neiru Aonuma is the mystery element of the quartet. Her aloof behavior conceals a not-so-secret need for friendship,and she begins to find a sense of belonging after joining the Marvel Egg gang. True to her individuality, Neiru’s closet leans towards rigid and also proper however with unexpected spins, and it’s exactly this juxtaposition of top qualities that makes her such a commanding personality. Her preferred clothing provides a minimalist interpretation of Lolita trendy: a slate gray shift gown with a doll-like collar embellished with a bow and also rosette. This daily attire is coupled with black slouches for a streamlined touch in addition to hairpin for a wayward vibe.

Underrated yet covertly flamboyant, the clothing below is secured by a grey tee shirt gown with a refined floral print, schoolgirlish Peter Pan collar and strong hemline. To maintain the balance between quirkiness and also streamlined sophistication, I equipped the look with a ladylike purse, shook up socks, beefy loafers and artificial pearl hairpin. I likewise included the easy yet most vital of devices: diamond studs.



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