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While celebrities and influencers with large hips constantly search point on camera, it’s not as simple as it looks when you’re attempting to dress for your own broad hips. In some cases what we wish to use is not what flatters our body shape. No matter the occasion, there are ways to hide and enhance broad hips with the best styling.Fellow editor ZoZo covered this subject in a past post. Let’s take another look at the important factors. Now’s your time to beam and stay hip!

Wide hips fall under the pear-shaped body category. Drawing attention to the upper body and also balancing out percentages are key when styling this body shape.

Anywhere yet the hipsThe hip line is the largest component of the reduced body. Tops that end right here bring focus to your hips, so wear tops that end anywhere BUT the hip line! Plant tops work flawlessly by raising the waist whereas extensive tops completely shield the location in question. Can not pick? Structured and unbalanced tops function just as well to move attention far from the hips.

Play with prints and patternsSay hello there to tops with enjoyable and dynamic prints and also patterns! Prints as well as patterns help draw away interest to the upper body as the interplay of various layouts and also styles creates an aesthetically enticing impression. Color-wise, the brighter, the better!If you’re not in the mood for some funk or don’t feel comfy with bold prints, take a subtler technique with floral prints, which never head out of pattern. Geometric patterns, dizzy prints and pet prints are appealing too.

Bring out your shouldersOur shoulder line has a tendency to be narrower than our hip line, so shoulder-baring tops can level percentages. If skin-revealing tops aren’t your thing, bulk up with padded shoulder tops. Including shoulder pads can highlight the shoulders, making the body look more lined up. Shoulder accents like ruffles, shoelace trim, smoke sleeves or cap sleeves also highlight the upper body and also add structure.

Twirl in A-line skirts and also dressesAn very easy means for styling vast hips is to choose a dress. Specifically, try to find A-line gowns as they cinch in at the waistline and flare out at the hips, covering wide hips completely. Wrap dresses are also a terrific choice as they wrap around the waistline, diverting focus from the hips. Similar to A-line dresses, high-waist A-line skirts with a matching leading embeded develop the exact same impact.

Put on wide-leg, high-waist as well as straight-cut pantsWide leg, high waistline and straight cut are 3 indicate try to find when dressing large hips. All three characteristics can quickly be located in one pair of pants. Straight-cut pants balance out your belly, specifically when they’re high-waist as they highlight the midsection area, offering a slimmer silhouette. In conclusion, wide-leg, high-waist as well as straight-cut trousers provide a tall, slim as well as direct look with longer legs. Go with darker shades to bring in less attention to your bottom as well as make legs look slimmer.


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