One of my most recent tasks is a fun modern-day quilt that is simply back from suZquilts and also ready for binding (imagined above). suZquilts owner Susan Bentley did an amazing work with the longarm quilting!

I usually proclaim my love for black and white print fabrics. I enjoy them as is, and also I like to overdye them also– you’ll discover swatches in my Ideas Packs, which likewise include hand-dyed discovered textiles as well as fibers for art quilts and also various other fiber projects. For this quilt I left my visuals black and also white prints alone and also added color with lengthy strips that were assembled from coloful material scraps (over) from my stockpile.

I began by freehand cutting strips (consisting of some of my black as well as whites) and sewing them with each other arbitrarily to develop larger items of textile. I embraced the wonkiness as well as worked without leaders or sewing completely straight lines. You can see at the end of the picture above that I was able to make use of strips that weren’t all the same length– nothing goes to waste.

My cuts from the assembled textiles were likewise free-hand as well as arbitrary, leading to various sizes. You can see the variety of fabric made use of, yet I did focus on my modern cottons stash versus the batiks and Australian Aborigine-designed material I typically move to.

Working improvisationally, I sliced my black and white textile blocks (not flawlessly square and once more, different dimensions as well as sizes) as well as sewed my colorful strips in.

I do not believe any type of 2 blocks are the same– some have one strip, some two or more, some strips converge– and also there’s a wide array of angles entailed.

As you can see in the picture over, I additionally didn’t fret about having each block the exact same elevation. I played around with the blocks till I had a layout I suched as.

As I wrapped up the format, I began making the changes to “smoosh” the blocks with each other, stitching vertical rows. (FYI, the illumination in my studio reveals the colors erratically here.).

I had so many scraps pieced right into strips that I was able to inset upright rows of them as well.

The majority of my work are little art patchworks or tool wall danglings, so functioning huge for bed-size quilts is still somewhat uncommon for me. I like how this collaborated!

The striped fabric functioned flawlessly for the border– it continued the look of the vibrant inset strips without the time needed to assemble them. This closeup additionally allows you see the attractive quilting by suZquilts.

This freeform, improv method of building and construction was a great deal of fun and also I like my outcome. Give it a shot!

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